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The Best Place to Work - Google


Student Spotlight: Shilpa Mohanty, MBA Candidate 2016

SHILPA MOHANTY Email Address: / Program:  MBA Concentration(s):  Marketing and MIS Full-time/Part-time Student: Full Time Industry/Field of work: Marketing and Advertising Class of: 2016 Undergraduate degree in: IT & Computer Science Undergraduate School: Silicon Institute of Technology, India Career Goal: My career goal is to leverage my interdisciplinary experience in MBA curriculum, non-profit marketing management, business analysis, IT processes, and... read more

MBA Courses for Fall 15

Are you still working on that perfect Fall 15 schedule? The MBA courses listed below are two-credit courses that offer an opportunity to expand your horizons and apply key elements of the business school curriculum to a variety of problems and situations. MBA students may include up to three of these courses in their elective options.  Students in the MSA, MS in MIS, MSF and MSBA programs are encouraged to broaden their curricula with these courses, as their programs allow. Check out the array... read more

Student Spotlight: Matthew Medinger, MBA Candidate 2015

  Matthew Medinger Part-time MBA Candidate 2015 Concentration(s): Finance Field of Work: Finance Undergraduate Degree: Finance Undergraduate School: Governor’s State University Career Goal: Corporate lending/negotiations or starting my own real estate investment company Organizations Involved With: MBAA   Interests/Hobbies: Real Estate Investing, Running, Mountain Biking, Building Race Cars, Racing Cars and Motorcycles, and Playing Guitar Favorite Chicago Activities: Boating on the Chicago... read more

Student Spotlight: Julianne Sherer, MBA Candidate 2015

  Julianne Sherer Full-time MBA Candidate 2015 Concentration(s):  Self-Directed, a combination of Accounting, Finance, and Management Field of Work:  Nonprofit/Public Sector Financial Management Undergraduate Degree:  BA in Government/International Affairs and Sociology Undergraduate School: Augustana College (Sioux Falls, SD) Career Goal: Public Administrator with a budgeting/finance focus Organizations Involved With:  Net Impact (VP of Membership), InKIND, MBAA   Interests/Hobbies: I’m an avid... read more

The Internship Experience: Christina Wright, MBA Candidate 2015 First Midwest Bank

Christina Wright Full-time MBA Candidate 2015 Concentration(s): Finance and Accounting Field of Work: Commercial Banking Undergraduate Degree: BA in International Affairs with a minor in Economics Undergraduate School: Northeastern University, Boston Company and Position: First Midwest Bank, Credit Analyst / Commercial Lending Intern  How did you find your internship? I found my internship at First Midwest Bank (FMB) by attending the 2014 Spring Business Career Fair at UIC. I researched the Bank... read more

Spring 2015 Two-Credit Hour Liautaud Courses

This Spring 2015 semester the Liautaud program is offering several unique two-credit course options.  What makes these courses unique is that they are short courses that only last eight weeks out of the semester and they focus on developing professional skills that will assist in launching and developing a successful career.  Topics taught include The Venture Process, web analytics, and improvisation & leadership to name a few.   MBA 500:  Corporate Strategy (Instructor:  Betsy Hill) Monday,... read more

Who Wants Awesome Advice?

Through its continued efforts to encourage and develop networking with students, alumni, and business professionals, the UIC MBA Association (MBAA) partnered with the UIC Business Career Center to bring the Manager of Centralized Architecture & Analysis for the CME Group, Bill Stenzel, MBA 2011, to speak with students about his experience with the CME Group.  Bill spoke about his role at the CME Group, as well as how he ended up there, and his purpose for pursuing his MBA. Besides hearing... read more

The Best Place to Work - Google

This past fall semester a group of UIC Liautaud graduate students visited Google's downtown Chicago office. The purpose of the company visit was to learn more about Google's company culture, and what it's like to be employed by a company ranked number one on Fortune's, 'Best Places to Work." Before the highly anticipated tour, students had the opportunity to learn about the history and culture of Google, as well as hear firsthand from Googlers in the Chicago office. During the conversation a... read more

A Starry Night with the MBA Association and the Business Alumni Association!

Kicking off the holiday season, the UIC Liautaud MBA Association and the Business Alumni Association provided students and alumni an evening of networking and galactic exploration at Adler After Dark hosted by the Adler Planetarium. The evening was a great opportunity for current students to connect and reconnect with alumni while exploring the depths of the universe. In addition to the exhibits and shows, gastronomy was an added highlight of the night. On every floor there was a mixture of... read more

The Internship Experience - Ariana Taylor, MBA Candidate 2015

Ariana M. Taylor                     Full-time MBA Candidate 2015 Concentration(s):  Marketing and Finance Field of work: Management Undergraduate Degree: English Studies Undergraduate School: Illinois State University Career Goal: Buyer at Target & Entrepreneur   How did you find your internship? I found out about my internship through many of my colleagues that completed the executive internship last year. They explained that they loved the leadership and responsibility that Target offered, so... read more

Student Spotlight: Kiley Peters, MBA Candidate 2015

Kiley Peters Weekend - MBA Candidate 2015 Concentration(s): Marketing and  Management Information Systems Industry: Entertainment and Digital Marketing Undergraduate Degree: Advertising, Broadcast and Electronic Communications, and Marketing Undergraduate School: Marquette University Career Goal: Continued growth in leadership, digital marketing and consulting. Organizations Involved With: Marquette Alumni Association, GMARK, MBAA                                            Interests/Hobbies:... read more

Student Spotlight: Ariana Taylor, MBA Candidate 2015

 Ariana M. Taylor         Full-time MBA Candidate 2015  Concentration(s):  Marketing and Finance Undergraduate Degree: English Studies     Undergraduate School: Illinois State University Career Goal: Obtain a position that fully utilizes my marketing and managerial skills Organizations involved with: UIC GMARK (President), UIC MBA Association, National Black MBA Association, UIC Liautaud Student Ambassador Internships: American Red Cross Communications Intern, Discovery Communications Social... read more

2014 InKIND Training

The University of Illinois at Chicago Liautaud Graduate School of Business student-led non-profit consulting program, InKIND, which is being sponsored by the MBA Association, kicked off its 3rd year this semester. Select groups of students will work in teams with a non-profit, on a given issue to better understand and help solve a strategic issue or growth opportunity at the non-profit. On the last Saturday of September, MBA, MSA, and MIS students participating in the InKIND non-profit... read more

The Internship Experience: Parin Chopda, MS-MIS Candidate 2015 - Motorola Solutions, Inc.

Parin Chopda Full-time MS-MIS 2015 Industry: Information Technology Undergraduate Degree In: Bachelors of Technology (Computer Science) Undergraduate School: Symbiosis Institute of Technology, Symbiosis International University (Pune, India) Career Goal: To work as an Information Systems professional leveraging my technical knowledge and business analysis skills acquired through MIS curriculum, course projects and previous work experience.        How did you find your internship? I applied on... read more

A Letter from Sholanki Sarkar, 2014 MBA

Dear Friends, I'm writing to you to describe my experience here at UIC Liautaud. I came from across the seas to the United States from my home country, India, for higher education. While working at IBM, I realized the need to understand business and management in more depth. My specific interest in UIC Liautaud was the opportunity to learn strategic management and product development in greater detail. So I chose UIC Liautaud among all the college admits I had received. My experience was amazing... read more

Student Spotlight: Michelle Plasz, MBA Candidate 2015

   Michelle Plasz Part-time MBA Candidate 2015 Concentration: IDS Field of work: Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Undergraduate Degree In: Communications Undergraduate School: DePaul University Career Goal: Supply Chain/ Procurement Organizations Involved With: Liautaud Women’s Network, MBAA     Interests/Hobbies:  I used to cook professionally and now enjoy entertaining friends and family often.  Before going back to school, I used to read and knit.  During football season, you will find... read more

Get Involved With the MBA Association

On behalf of the UIC MBA Association, it is our pleasure to welcome you to the Liautaud Graduate School of Business! The MBA Association is committed to enhancing the MBA experience for our members. Our goals revolve around: 
  • Providing opportunities for students to grow their network, both within UIC Liautaud and with the Chicago business community
  • Providing community service opportunities
  • Providing professional development opportunities 
We have some fun events planned this semester. To see the... read more

Get Consulting Experience While Giving Back!

Calling all UIC Liautaud students! Are you looking to strengthen your resume and give back to the community at the same time? Are you interested in helping a local nonprofit organization streamline its finances, create a new marketing strategy, or even improve its network security?  Then UIC’s MBA Association InKIND Consulting Program wants you! For only one to two hours a week, you can gain real world consulting experience and help strengthen a nonprofit organization. Teams of students will... read more

Books? Check. Pens and Pencils? Check. Now What?

You've registered for classes. You've started counting down the days until August 25th. You've even updated your LinkedIn profile with your new graduate school endeavor. Now what? Let me introduce you to... The Top Five Things To Do Before Classes Start 1. Get your UIC i-card. Your UIC i-card is your official University ID card. What's great about the i-card is it gives you access to various services and facilities on campus. If access around campus isn't extremely important to you, remember you... read more

2014 InKIND Consulting Program

Are you a non-profit looking to create a social venture? Streamline finances and accounting practices? Apply the latest IT technology to help you better meet your mission? Create a marketing campaign for a specific audience? UIC’s InKind consulting program wants to work with you on projects like this for free! The UIC Liautaud Graduate School of Business (LGSB) MBA Association and InKind consulting program are seeking applications from Chicago area non-profit organizations that are interested in... read more